Facilities Booking Form

Facilities Booking Form

Thank you for your interest. Please fill in the facilities booking form below and we will revert to you within 3 working days. To contact us directly, please click here.

Part 1 - Company Data

Part 2 - Booking Details

Per person per day charge £32 to include:
  • Writing pad and pen x1
  • Jugs of water
  • Tea, coffee and biscuits x2
  • Lunch set
Facilities come complete with:
  • Large format to screen c/w HM01 cable
  • White board, white board marker pens (3 colours,) eraser
  • Flip Board

Part 3 - Booking & Remarks

Please state time period. Example from 3pm to 5pm.

Please state time period. Example from 3pm to 5pm.
Please state time period. Example from 3pm to 5pm.

All charges are subject to prevailing value added tax (VAT) in United Kingdom. The designated person is deemed to have read the terms and conditions governing the use of KBA (Europe) Limited facilities and hereby agrees to be bound by the said terms and conditions.

Standard Terms & Conditions

Condition of use

The facilities shall be used only for training purposes stated in the application form and approved by KBA(E) and further provided that the relevant approvals (if any) from the relevant authorities have been obtained by the "Applicant".

There shall be no unlawful use of the facilities and the "Applicant" shall ensure that no nuisance, damage, disturbance, annoyance, inconvenience or which may give cause for reasonable complaint to KBA(E) will occur. KBA(E) reserves the right to refuse entry to or to immediately eject from the relevant building or premises any person whose presence is in the opinion of KBA(E) undesirable and/or whose conduct is objectionable, disorderly or disruptive or in violation of any law.

KBA(E) may, in its absolute discretion, grant, refuse or withdraw approval for the use of their training facilities for improper use of the venue.

The "Company" undertakes to conduct its training as follows:
  1. to strictly observe and ensure that the number of participants for the training is restricted to that as undertaken in the application form.
  2. to ensure that no advertising or no notice, banner or directional signs etc. may be placed within the facilities and or any part of the facilities unless prior written approval has been granted by KBA(E).
  3. a proper dress code of smart casual is required. No flip flop, vests/singlets or shorts.
  4. to refrain from bringing into the classrooms any food or beverage other than water.
  5. to keep the facilities clean and tidy and clear of rubbish and to leave the same in a clean and tidy condition.
Application for Rental

All requests for training facilities must be completed using this form. KBA(E) shall invoice accordingly and confirmation of this request must be accompanied with purchase order. KBA(E) will not confirm this booking without formal authorization/payment. Bookings can be made via enquiries@kbaeurope.org or by calling +44 01224 872741.

Terms of Payment

KBA(E) reserves the right to change the rental rates if booking is not confirmed

Unless otherwise stated, all rental payments should be made at least 7 days before the date of usage

Payment can be via paypal, cheque, bank transfer or cash. Cheques should be made payable to KBA (Europe) Limited. All prices quoted in this rental agreement are subject to the prevailing value added tax (VAT) in United Kingdom.

Cancellation/Amendment/Postponement of Booking

Any cancellation/Postponement of the booking must be specified in writing or email to enquiries@kbaeurope.org.

Regardless of the reasons if booking is cancelled that the following shall be applied
  • More than 14 working days – no penalty
  • 8 to 14 days – 30% of total rental
  • 4 to 7 days – 50% of total rental
  • 3 or less days – 100% of total rental
Amendments of start/end times or candidate numbers has no penalty up to 24 hours before booking, if amendment does not alter the booking dates.


For the duration of the rental period, the "Applicant" shall maintain and/or cause to be maintained comprehensive general public liability insurance in the sum of not less than £1,000,000/- for each and every claim, providing coverage against claims for bodily injury, death, property damage or loss occurring in or upon or resulting from the organisation in holding the event/course, or arising out of the provision of any service by KBA(E) and such other insurances that KBA(E) may in its absolute discretion require.

Important Notes:
KBA (Europe) cannot accept responsibility of any kind for any injury, delay, loss or damage whatsoever caused resulting from the use of the facilities.

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